Hardwicke Bay, South Australia

This seaside settlement is located on the Spencer Gulf side of the Yorke Peninsula around 20 kilometres from Minlaton and 13 kilometres from Warooka. The small town of Brentwood is around 3 kilometres towards Minlaton.

The pristine sandy beach has such a gentle gradient that boat launching is usually carried out with a tractor or a four wheel drive. It is not only parents and children who love the safe beach. The sandy expanses and safe waters provide a popular sports and recreation area for people of all ages.

The community was originally established as a fishing shack area in the 1950’s. It started as a row of seafront leasehold shacks. In the 1970’s and 1980’s adjoining farmland was divided to increase our township to now around 310 allotments. We understand that within the zoned township area only one building (an old farmhouse on Progress Way) was constructed prior to the 1950’s. On 8/10//72 a general meeting was held in a shed and the Hardwicke Bay Progress Association was formed with membership to be $1.00 per household. Yorketown Council was notified of its formation and a bank account was opened.

In 1988 Hardwicke Bay was declared a township. In 1992 discussion centred around the need for a building in the town. In 1993 an offer was received from A and PM Moore that Lot 66 would be donated to the Progress Association for a hall. On 3/10/93 transfer fee were paid for Lot 66. Subs were increased to $5.00 and people were surveyed re their thoughts on a building. Money raising began and the hall was finished in 1996. The hall was officially opened on 28/3/97 by David Moore as Mick Moore was ill. The community continued to provide equipment for the hall. As the town grew the committee decided to extend the hall and the second section was opened in 1998. The settlement has grown as the natural beauty of the beach, sand hills and location is more widely appreciated.

The sand hills both to the north and to the south are loved and respected by the community.